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TESTEQUIP, through it's wide variety of partner companies can help you source almost any testing or measurement equipment.


WTR-1000i Price: P.O.A

WTR-1000i is a basic digital window tint meter with integrated sensors used for testing light transmittance through automotive glass in roadworthy testing and industrial applications.

WTR-1000s Price: P.O.A

Digital Window Tint Meter with dual magnetic probes on fly-leads. Used to test light transmittance (tint) for RWC safety checks vehicles.

SLR-1000 Price: P.O.A

Sound Level Meter for measuring industrial, automotive and environmental noise levels in decibels. This meter is commonly used in authorized workshops for RWC and EPA noise testing of vehicles

Sound Level Meter Calibrator Price: P.O.A

Used to calibrate sound level meters, including the SLR-1000 EPA tester.

VBE-100 Price: P.O.A

VBE-100 is a video inspection borescope that is a tool for visual assessment of areas that are unable to be seen with direct sight.

DH-10C Price: P.O.A

Atago Digital Hydrometer for measuring specific gravity of sulfuric lead-acid battery fluid.

TE-DOT4 Brake Fluid Refractometer Price: P.O.A

Brake Fluid Refractometers are precision optical testing instruments for measuring the boiling point and water content of brake fluids.

TE-501 Battery Fluid - Antifreeze Refractometer Price: P.O.A

Precision optical testing instrument for measuring Battery fluid (demineralized water) and antifreeze (ethylene glycol) condition.

TE-3500 Wireless Automotive Noise Finder Price: P.O.A

Quickly & easily pin-point the source of chassis, engine, transmission and other automotive noises with this complete wireless kit.